Providing strategical sponsorship opportunities for companies to enagage with their audience

Sport has the power to engage consumers and connect them with a brand. Strategically selected sports sponsorships provide an ideal platform for companies to engage with their global audience in a real time manner.

For clients who have invested in the acquisition of sponsorship rights, Sportsworld can provide a suite of services designed to support the activation with particular expertise in the design and delivery of hospitality programmes and showcasing initiatives, to stimulate customer sales or maximise brand awareness.

So what makes Sportsworld different?

  • We are a reliable global agency
  • We believe in the power of shared moments
  • We deliver once in a lifetime events to lifetime customers
  • We help you master the art of relationship choreography

We do whatever it takes to help our clients and customers achieve their objectives by:

  • Working with you to design a special programme which delivers against your sponsorship objectives
  • Managing your sponsorship assets including event tickets, hospitality suites and function space and product showcasing opportunities
  • Arranging accommodation, food and beverage, transportation and additional staffing
  • Designing and allocating your ticket strategy and working with governing bodies to maximise your allocation
  • Measuring ROI against a list of agreed business outcomes
  • Working as part of your team to identify strategies that will lead to successful brand experiences

Contact us on to find out more about how we can help with your sponsorship activation.

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