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If Grace Is Observed At All Times

"Wimbledon stands for prestige, quality and tradition. When I think of Wimbledon I think of the All England Club, grass courts and the ivy on the walls. The whole thing is so dignified." Chris Evert Tennis, by its very nature, is a most graceful of games. Even to the...

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If Integrity Is Kept

“I love the combination of tradition and innovation and doing this right. Nobody does it better. When I was a player they used to tell me to be on time and they mean it. I love that!” Billie Jean King The Championships at Wimbledon is unlike any other tennis...

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If Preparation Is Perfect

'Wimbledon has stayed with the original surface and adapted the grass to the modern game. It's the glue that brings the whole event together' Martina Navratilova For two weeks each summer, Wimbledon becomes the focal point of the sporting universe. Tennis dominates...

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