It’s time to get serious about your company’s corporate hospitality engagements. The specialists at Sportsworld have put together this handy list of tips for choosing the right activity for your clients and colleagues.

What do you want to achieve and why?

Why is corporate hospitality required? Is it to build relations with existing customers or to reward them for their business? Is it to meet new clients, or to help sign a deal with a particular customer? Is there a short-term outcome required, or a long-term goal? Find out as much as you can to help build the structure and format of the event.

Top Tip

If guests are spending all night watching a theatre production they won’t get much time to bond with the team, so some time should be built in to the night to enable this.

Who is the audience and what do you know about them?

How old are they? What are their hobbies and interests? Would they like to watch or participate? Are they single or married with a family? A bunch of single guys may appreciate something different to a group of family men.

Top Tip

Know your demographic. Do your research and choose an activity or event that will resonate with your audience, but be careful not to make assumptions based on stereotypes!

Think about your company – its ethos and personality

Is it a new, adventurous start-up or a family-owned business? What message does the company want to convey to its customers? Is it a safe pair of hands or creative and forward thinking? What sort of activity would convey your company’s brand values and personalit

Only after you have considered all of these points should you think about where you can find it. There are speciality corporate hospitality providers such as Sportsworld who can help you find the best hospitality event for your company. They will listen, discuss your budget and aims to suggest a few tried and tested options and suggest some ideas for things that you most probably have never heard of.


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