We deliver tailored event solutions that create memorable experiences.

Sportsworld regularly create bespoke event solutions for a range of group sizes and in a variety of locations around the world. 

That could be anything from a small meeting for senior board members, to a large company wide conference, an incentive weekend for top sales execs to an intimate private dinner at one of London’s leading restaurants.  Or maybe it is a programme around one of the world’s most talked about events like Cannes Film Festival or New York Fashion Week.

Our event services include:

  • Idea generation and concept development
  • Venue research, selection and contracting
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Third party supplier management
  • Hospitality services at sporting and cultural events
  • Contracting and briefing of MCs, celebrities and guest speakers
  • Production: staging, lighting, AV and multimedia displays
  • Décor, theme and brand diffusion
  • Food and beverage: research, tastings and management
  • Entertainment: research, recruitment and management
  • Gifts: research, selection, procurement and delivery
  • Risk assessment, health and safety and security protocols
  • Project reporting

Whatever your requirements our team of professionals will work with you to create the brand experience, manage the logistics, deliver the event and of course measure the results.

Sportsworld is a multi-service agency with years of experience delivering a wide variety of projects. An award winning events company, we have an excellent legacy and understand the importance of creating compelling event experiences as an essential marketing tool.  Contact us on to find out more about how we can help you.


Think golf days, track days in a dream car, country pursuits, sailing regattas, wine tastings in France….


Call +44 (0)208 971 2966 for further information

Large or small, in the UK or abroad, production or guest speakers Sportsworld can organise it all.


Call +44 (0)208 971 2966 for further information

Spa weekend or Vegas, Ibiza or Prague whatever incentive you are looking for we can generate multiple exciting concepts!


Call +44 (0)208 971 2966 for further information

Accommodation, transport, staff, logistics leave it to us!


Call +44 (0)208 971 2966 for further information

New York Fashion Week with personal shopping, the red carpet at Cannes, cooking with Raymond at Le Manoir the list goes on…


Call +44 (0)208 971 2966 for further information

Private film screenings, chef’s tables, gala dinners let us know your requirements and we will come back with the ideas!


Call +44 (0)208 971 2966 for further information

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If Grace Is Observed At All Times

"Wimbledon stands for prestige, quality and tradition. When I think of Wimbledon I think of the All England Club, grass courts and the ivy on the walls. The whole thing is so dignified." Chris Evert

Tennis, by its very nature, is a most graceful of games. Even to the uninitiated observer, there is something ever so striking about the silky smooth movement of the players around the court. The best performers make it all look so easy, gliding around in complete control of their bodies, rackets and the destination of the ball.

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If Integrity is kept

“I love the combination of tradition and innovation and doing this right. Nobody does it better. When I was a player they used to tell me to be on time and they mean it. I love that!” Billie Jean King

The Championships at Wimbledon is unlike any other tennis tournament, and largely unrivalled across the broader spectrum of elite sport. So rich is its history, heritage and prestige that few other occasions can rival those two weeks in early July when the world turns its attention to south-west London.

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