Are you in shape for the Olympics in 2012?

Posted 07/10/2009 in Olympics, Press Release

london Olympics

It’s only three years to the London Olympics, when the whole world will come to London. It’s a huge opportunity for businesses - but if they’re not preparing already, they’re in danger of missing out.

Are you in shape?
When the Olympics come to London in 2012 they’ll bring with them the greatest business opportunities in a generation. In recent years Australia, China and South Korea have benefited from the Olympic effect – and now the United Kingdom should be looking forward to its piece of the action.

But, says Len Olender, Olympic Director of travel, event management and marketing service company of Sportsworld Group, the benefits of the Olympics will pass us by if we’re not proactive about taking advantage of them. ‘There’s a fallacy that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) are going to tell people what they need to do. That’s not going to happen – these organisations have got a Games to organise. Instead, it’s up to companies and communities to find business opportunities independently.’

Sportsworld’s Olympic career goes back to the early 1980s and Sportsworld have an unparalleled track record in helping companies and communities make the most of the golden opportunity the Olympics represent. Simply put, Sportsworld’s business is making business happen – and in the run-up to London 2012 its decades of Olympic experience, detailed understanding of how the Games work and access to Olympic family clients are commodities few can afford to ignore.

It’s all about identifying opportunities and how to take advantage them!
‘If you’re not yet doing that,’ comments Olender, ‘then you’re already falling behind.’ Now is the time, he says, when savvy companies and communities should be building relationships and developing uniquely attractive products - and Sportsworld’s expertise can help them think creatively about what they’re going to take to market. ‘Let’s say an attraction were to come to me for advice,’ says Olender. ‘I’d suggest they create a one-stop-shop package comprising, say, accommodation, entertainment, transportation and restaurant options, rather than just offering the attraction entry. The onus is on businesses to come up with offerings tailored to the Olympic clientele – and at Sportsworld, we have a track record of helping them do just that.’

But the Olympics’ potential benefits stretch far further than the hospitality industry or even the host city. Are you a region in search of overseas investment capital? There’s an opportunity for you. A trade association? Ditto. A UK city other than London eager for a piece of the Olympic pie? True for you too – and Sportsworld is your ideal partner. ‘We help companies and communities identify and meet the key players who will help them maximise the Games’ benefits – before, during and after the event,’ explains Olender. Businesses programmes can be given an Olympic theme, the Games can be used as a catalyst for showcasing facilities and products to a multinational audience, and geographic regions can seize on opportunities to develop closer ties with target markets.

Sportsworld – An Olympic Success Story
Sportsworld’s approach has worked for its clients.   There’s the Comox Valley ski area in Canada which – thanks, in part to Sportsworld’s help – is playing host to five national Olympic and Paralmypic committees in the run-up to the Vancouver Winter Olympics. There’s Austrade, the Australian Trade commission, whom Sportsworld have been working with at global sporting events since the Sydney Olympics. There’s Visit Britain, a high-profile partner in the lead-up to London 2012 asking for ideas for its members on Olympic opportunities.

Sportsworld will be doing more of the same before, during and after London 2012. Can you afford not to take advantage of their expertise?

Note to Editors: Founded in 1980, Sportsworld is a leading travel, hospitality and event services company, delivering memorable experiences at the world’s most talked about sporting and cultural occasions including the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon Championship, The British Grand Prix and the Rugby World Cup.

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